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Today I was attempting to test my flash detection scripts, so I wanted to install a different, older version of the Flash player plugin in my browser. I went out to Macromedia’s website, where they have a page full of Archived Macromedia Flash Players available for testing purposes.

While this page seemed like the answer at the time, once I started trying to uninstall the current version (well documented on and install the old version (poorly documented on I was having all kinds of problems. So I googled “flash install cab” and found the app of my dreams!!

Flash Plugin Switcher is a program that lets you switch flash player plugin versions on the fly with the click of a single button! It still requires that you download the .cab files from macromedia (see the link above) but once you have them it’s a breeze. The download page for Flash Plugin Switcher is in German, but the help content is in English.