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One feature of Dreamweaver that I use quite often, is the ability to customize the default code that appears when you create a new document (see Yesterday I wanted to add a little javascript to the bottom that would allow all of my newly created HTML documents to include the same .js file. Naturally, I added the following code:

<script language="javascript" src="myfile.js"

When I restarted Dreamweaver however, it crashed on startup. I logged off and back into Windows and rebooted the computer thinking something was conflicting with Dreamweaver. I even re-installed Dreamweaver which actually fixed the problem. But then when I copied my old configuration files back to the new setup, it crashed again. I started adding configuration folders one by one and then files one by one until figuring out it was indeed the default.html file causing the problems. I then proceded to mess with my most recent addition—the javascript code.

The code I’ve listed above crashes dreamweaver, but oddly, the following code does not:

<script language="javascript" src=""

Quite frankly, that sucks! I’ve already reported the bug to Macromedia. I guess we’ll see what comes of it.