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(NOTE: Since this post was first written, I have since abandoned Super for the far superior Movavi Video Converter which will do everything Super does, but is much easier to use and obviously much easier to download. It even rips DVDs which Super cannot do. It’s not free like Super, but it’s well worth the cheap $30. Trust me on this one!)

Ever get stuck in an endless loop, trying to download video converter, Super? Here’s how to break the loop.

I’ve never once been able to download it using Firefox, so if I were you I wouldn’t even bother trying.

Basically, you need to add the download site to your trusted sites in IE. But wait! I said the download site. Although it may appear that you are downloading directly from the domain, you will actually be downloading from so go ahead and point your browser there now.

Once you are on the right domain, open up your internet options and click the ‘security’ tab. Then hit the ‘trusted sites’ icon and add the current domain (be sure to un-check the option that requires it to be an https site). Now that has been added to your trusted sites list, change your trusted sites level to ‘Low.’

Now all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Start Downloading SUPER’ which will take you to where you will see a link that says ‘download and use’ near the top of the screen. Click that and it will take you to where you will see the download links at the bottom of the screen. Why didn’t I have you go there to begin with instead of clicking all these links? Well, the good people of erightsoft (or whoever they are) don’t want you to download Super from anywhere but on their site, so they check the referrer of how you got to the download page and if you don’t get there in the order I described above, you will be redirected to the begining and have to start all over.

Happy video converting!