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I have a flash animation being used on the homepage of one of my websites that has a few text boxes that rotate/fade in and out of each other. For the longest time, when I publish this movie to the web, the text box has been showing up with a faint line at the top and bottom; sort of a lighter colored line than the actual background color. I tried all sorts of things to get rid of it including moving the box to different locations, resizing the box, changing colors, embedding text…..anything I could think of!

Well today I finally stumbled across the answer to the problem and it appears to be a bug in Flash. If the text box is set to "Anti-alias for readability" the problem appears, but if it is set to "Anti-alias for animation" it goes away. Go figure. Since the two do not seem to change the way the text looks at all, it works just fine as the latter.