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My company has been promising me a web enabled Palm Treo for some time now, and finally that happened last Friday. I got a Palm Treo 700wx with Windows Mobile. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting it up and running, installing apps and synchronizing all of my stuff.

The stuff of which I speak includes my favorites. Which consists of an export of my Firefox bookmarks, imported into IE, and then sync-ed into mobile IE.

One of my tricks in Firefox is a bookmark to Gmail without any text as the name of the link so that the favicon itself is the only visible que, and it acts as a simple quick link to my most frequently visited site. It was this shortcut that caused me a lot of grief and at least 4 hard resets to remedy.

The issue was that whenever I went to the “My Device” directory in my file explorer, it would’nt open a directory listing but rather my browser and into Gmail. It seemed as though Internet Explorer had hijacked my file explorer!

Well, apparently a favorite without text does just that in Windows Mobile (version 5 in my case).

For me this was an unfavorable and difficult to diagnose circumstance, but maybe you can use this as some sort of Windows Mobile hack.