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For anyone out there using Adobe AIR products already: BEWARE!

Something that I didn’t pay much attention to when downloading Beta 1 was that it was going to stop working on December 11. I’ve been using an application called Ora Time and Expense that only works with Beta 1, which is why I haven’t switched to Beta 2 yet. But today that app stopped working.

I was using Ora Time and Expense to track my time for a project I’m working on. Actually, I finished on Saturday and was going to look at my time tracked tonight to create an invoice for the client. Wouldn’t you know it? Adobe AIR Beta 1 stopped working, and therefore I couldn’t access the time I had tracked. Ora’s website gives no help as they acknowledge that it only works with Beta 1 and for months now has promised a new version.

I finally had to get a Firefox extension that allowed me to view SQLite databases and search my hard drive for the te.db file where all of my data was stored. What a pain!

Just remember, Beta 2 stops working on June 1, 2008. If you find the next killer AIR app, make sure it’s not something you’ll need past that date.