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This blog you are reading is powered by Mephisto. I originally created this blog using my own code in PHP and was so tired of re-inventing the wheel that I went out and researched what I thought would be the best blogging software for my needs. I’m in love with Ruby on Rails, so one of my requirements was that it had to be using that technology. In my research I narrowed it down to Typo and Mephisto, but there wasn’t much activity over in the Typo camp and there were plenty of people blogging about their switch from Mephisto to Typo. So, I chose Mephisto thinking it was the better of the two.

I’ve since realized that Typo’s development activity has gone way up, and Mephisto’s has gone way down. I have been using Typo on another blog venture of mine and am in love with it. Actually, I’m loving it much more than Mephisto these days for several reasons, most of which pertain to user friendliness. I did run into an issue with trackback spam on Typo, which I’ve read as a big complaint about it. But trackbacks aren’t even an option on Mephisto, so what’s the big deal?

The point I’m trying to make here is this. If there’s anyone out there with experience migrating from Mephisto to Typo I’d like to hear from you. There’s plenty of google hits about going from Typo to Mephisto, but nothing in the opposite direction. I’m interested in converting this blog, Tongue and Groove (once again).