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(Note: this post applies to Photoshop CS3 on a PC. I haven’t played with it on the Mac yet)

I’ve been frustrated for a long time with one simple thing in Photoshop CS3: the fact that ctrl+left-clicking an item in my layout with the move tool no longer selects the layer of the item I’m clicking, but the most top level folder that its layer resides in.

Well, today I finally figured out the new shortcut for selecting a layer from the layout. Using the move tool, hover over the object you want to select, then use alt+right-click. That will automatically select that layer in the Layers panel.

I guess I could use Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K and change the shortcuts around to what I’m already used to. But I might as well get used to the new one so that I don’t have to update it in future version installations, or if I’m on someone else’s machine I won’t get frustrated.