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Jason Gill participates in Movember

Vincent Price?

This year I participated in Movember. It’s a fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Foundation benefiting Livestrong where you basically start clean shaven on November 1st and proceed to grow a Mo (slang for mustache). The mustache helps give a reason to talk to friends, family and anyone else you talk to about Movember. You sign up on the website where you are given a donation page (MoSpace). The people you talk to can go to your MoSpace and donate money.

I was talked into participating by a co-worker. I had never grown a mustache before so I’ll admit, I was looking forward to having an excuse to find out what it looked like. I had a goatee for the previous 6 years, and was pleasantly surprised how well it grew and how much I liked it. Even though my wife is adamantly opposed to me having a mo, I accepted the challenge.

It turns out, facial hair is not facial hair. While my goatee was a good idea, the mustache was certainly NOT. Not only did it take the first 3 weeks of November to even be visible, but once it came in it was sparse and downright creepy looking. Think Kip from Napoleon Dynemite, but worse. To top that off, any kind of flash photography was enough to wash it out to where it wouldn’t show up in pictures when I wanted to post my progress on Facebook or my MoSpace page.

I guess a lame mo constitutes lame donations. I raised all of $26 for the cause and $5 of that was my own donation.

Next year I think I’ll just find someone who’s participating and donate $26 to their month and be done with it!