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Sometimes we have to use someone else’s CMS to get our content live. That’s what I ran into today. The genius that set up this suctom CMS, decided it wasn’t a good idea to allow the user to have access to the HTML editor that comes with TinyMCE, so at first I thought my ability to add classes, and custom code was impossible.

It actually is possible with the Firebug plugin for Firefox. As you may already know, Firebug allows you to edit HTML and CSS “live” on the page. I put “live” in quotes, because while the changes automatically appear, they won’t be stored to the server.

Actually, that’s not necessarily true either. Using Firebug to edit the HTML within a TinyMCE window, you can then click save in the TinyMCE toolbar and it will actually save, to the server, the HTML that currently exists in that window, including those changes you made using Firebug. An excellent hack that saved me a lot of headache because of someone elses poor implementation. My guess is that it works on other tools similar to TinyMCE. Let me know if you get it working using other CMS tools.