BB Moderation Hold plugin w/ BB Press version 1.0+

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It appears that the BB Moderation Hold plugin hasn’t updated for newer versions of BB Press. The moderation links are not appearing in the admin navigation and when you click “moderate” from within the post itself as a moderator it redirects to the homepage rather than taking you to the moderation pages. The fix for… Read more »

His Story

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(It turns out I’m a fan of using puns for titles) A great man once gave me some very personal and sound advice. Among other very important things, he admonished me to “Learn about history. Learn from the lessons of the past.” I was only 19 at the time, and took what he said as… Read more »

Using JQuery to reveal using a slide up effect

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The slideUp() method in JQuery is intended to hide the element rather than reveal it. It is basically the opposite of slideDown() which “unhides” your element by sliding it down. As you can see on this blog, I have an “About Jason Gill” tab in my heading. When clicked, this tab reveals information about who… Read more »

Common Cents

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Why I support the Public Option. Healthcare reform is more directly related to my life, my liberty, and my pursuit of happiness than any other issue on the political landscape. I support the public option, here’s why. Intentions Before I start allow me to state my intentions. It is not my intention to start a… Read more »

Force Rails Version When Creating a New App

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I have multiple versions of the Rails gem installed on my development server. We’ve been using Rails long enough now that we have many apps created for many versions. As I make changes to each app I need to test them in their specific version (the version listed in the environment.rb file) so having multiple… Read more »